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[H4L]Nba Playoffs 2007
« : 22 Mayıs 2007, 17:36:41 »
[H4L]Nba Playoffs 2007(m2 mix contest entry)

I made it for m2 mix contest like 2-3 weeks ago. Worked on that for a couple of days. I didn't release it; I was just waiting for the results but they weren't announced yet. So don't wanna waste more time on releasing it. Here you go:

SG Productions and Hoops4Life Present:

Title: Nba Playoffs 2007 - Round 1
Created By: SG Productions
Poster By: tracy1
Length: 1.10 mins
Size: 18 mbs - 26 mbs
File Type: mp4 - wmv

I tried to make a commercial mix. I guess i achieved my goal on this project. I hope it will show you how first round is gonna be tough to advance for each team. Also i hope it will pump you up a little bit for the playoffs.

M2 Contest Version:
downloadable link: http://rapidshare.com/files/30600073/h4l-sg_m2_mix_contest_entry_-_playoffs_round_1.wmv.html(wmv)
youtube link: [youtube=425,350]FS7yIEJRfCs[/youtube]
Hoops4life Release:
downloadable link: http://rapidshare.com/files/31659582/_H4L_SG_Productions_-_Nba_Playoffs_2007_teaser_.mp4.html(mp4)
youtube link: [youtube=425,350]r-vIGsnkYcs[/youtube]
thanks to M2 :alkış
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